GOOD Magazine

GOOD Magazine, "With Hero Hatchery, You Can Help Support Climate Activists", October 8th, 2013 


Fast Company

Fast Company, "Can $100,000 Create The Next Climate Hero?", October 17, 2013


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Al Gore

The Hero Hatchery Story


This is something real and smart that YOU can do about Climate Change, right now. 

We all know we need to do a lot more to fight Climate Change. The urgency of acting right now can't be overstated. But, it's hard to know what to do, and hard to find a smart leverage point in such a huge system. That is exactly why we created the Hero Hatchery -  it's something you can do, right now, to tackle Climate Change in a positive way.

Here's the plan: crowdfund a fellow (this year's fellow is the amazing Lauren Wood), train her (through Massive Open Online Trainings), break into the mainstream (we're already well on our way with an endorsement from Al Gore, national press etc.) and build enough pressure to put a price on carbon.  

But, we need YOU to fund this year's fellow so we can start trainings in early 2014, followed by coordinated actions with partners orgs and amazing, creative disruptors like The Yes Men.

Help us show the world that tackling Climate Change is an opportunity, a once-in-a-generation, win-win-win that goes beyond left and right and directly to the core of what a healthy world looks like. 


Thanks for your support! 

- Ryan, Amanda and the Hero Hatchery Team


Massive Open Online Trainings

Join us for a Massive Open Online Training with our fellow Lauren and other activists, students, thinkers, policy makers, and the world's most effective agents of change. All trainings are free, streaming and cataloged.


These incredible change-makers are going to open up their talents and win/win insights to you, Lauren, and the world, on our weekly Massive Open Online Trainings (MOOTs) via Google Hangouts On Air.