Tips for International Moving Process



photo-movingMoving from another country to Oslo is a big step, and if you can’t count on someone to arrange the moving, then you need to take care of everything by yourself. Because you need to get a reliable moving company, you could look for those who activate in Oslo, as they can cover not just the country of Norway, but also international moving.

Here’s how you can get an easy international moving process, with just a few tips and tricks.

Estimates for Your Move

We know that you can’t call every moving company, but once you have identified several businesses that activate internationally, you can call them and ask for estimates. It’s ideal to get at least three estimates for this because you can compare the services provided, the price and the mover’s availability. Price is essential indeed, but you also need to take into consideration their experience, what they can offer you and several recommendations if it’s possible. You might want something specific like moving fine arts and antiques, or you could want to have everything packed in a particular material.

Depending on your budget and on your requirements, you need to make a choice that fits your needs.

Making Comparison

Once you have the quotes and you know several details about the mover, you need to make a thorough comparison. The estimates that you have will tell you everything you need to know about the process, like what is included and what is not included and so on. The comparison should cover all the things that interest you. To be able to make a comparison, you’ll have to know details about the shipment method, if your personal items are delivered in a separate container or not if there are charges for port handling or terminal, and so on. You also need to know if they can provide you with packing and if the mover is accounted for accessibility. Another important issue when taking the decision is the customs clearance – you might need to pay a separate fee or not, and you will also need to decide on the time frame.

Each of these details will tell you what choice to make when you’re planning to move internationally.


Each international moving company needs to be registered with FIDI – the primary association for international movers providing quality services worldwide. To make sure they have an FIDI accreditation, the movers need to respect strictly set requirements and an external audit takes place at least once per year. Ask them about this detail, because otherwise, you won’t know for sure if they’ll deliver your items or not.

The Rest of the Service

Moving to Oslo, Norway takes a lot of time, no matter what country you come from. If you’ve hired someone to take your personal items from your residence, you also need to know who will provide the service once you get to Oslo. Make sure you know this before signing the contract because it’s an essential detail that you need to know.


The Recommendations

Before hiring anyone, look for recommendations. You can do this both online and outside the internet, as you can find severallong-distance-moving-companies-loading
sources of information. Look for reviews and for what people are saying about their services – if the company you choose is trustworthy, if they deliver on time, if they had problems with international moving and so on. You need to pay attention to all the things that you can find out and ask the mover about possible problems.

Don’t worry that you can ask too many questions – your personal items need to be safe, and they also need to get to the new address in time. If asking questions is the only way to find out, then don’t worry too much about it.